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Shopping for our little one is the best part of parenthood I guess. No one can deny this, we all love to shop for our kids. Whether its an online shopping or shopping from a market first thing we check out is kids section.

Moreover Products available for kids these days are so fascinating and cute that we end up buying way more than we actually need. Trust me you are not alone in this, we as parents want to buy every new thing available on the market and thus sometimes we forget that it’s not necessary for our kids to have everything. We can actually skip buying few things or substitute it with other option to save few bucks.

I was on the same state when I had my daughter, Anything which my friends were having for their babies I wanted the same and now when I look back, I realise many of the product which I felt was essential at that time I never used.

Today, based upon my experience I want to share 5 products which I find not so essential for  babies and we can actually skip buying it.

So without further ado, lets get started:)


Diaper rash cream is one of the essential products which I guess every parent buy for their babies. It is believed that Diaper rash cream can prevent diaper rash but for me, it never worked. My daughter had rashes even after regular application of rash cream and after consulting my paediatrician I came to know that babies can get rashes from many factors like the diaper you use, reaction from any product, Fungal infection and so on..its always better to seek advice from your paediatrician if your baby is getting rashes frequently rather then applying any random cream on your baby`s delicate skin.


It is said that you should apply diaper rash cream for every diaper change but actually, you are applying a chemical to your baby`s bum every now and then thus I would suggest using pure coconut oil instead of diaper rash cream. It is natural, more economical and less likely to cause side effect.


The first thing we do when our babies start teething is to find a good teether and finding an appropriate teether is not an easy task these days because of the presence of a diverse range of teethers in the market. Teethers as a concept are very useful for babies as they provide relief from teething pain and helps in soothing irritated gums but the main problem which I find in most of the available teethers are their size and shape. they don’t fit in baby`s mouth which makes babies more irritated when they try to chew it.



There are many other problems associated with it like teethers contain range of paraben and antimicrobial agents which is definitely not good for babies. If you use gel teethers or water teether there can be a slight chances of leakage which is again a matter of concern. But if you still want to use teether I would suggest you go with very simple teethers which can fit in your baby`s mouth or you can try other alternatives like wash clothes, carrot sticks (under supervision) or wooden spoon.

Teether which can work

If you have a suggestion for good teether which worked for you please let us know in the comments it will help parents to find a solution for teething 🙂


Soft toys are the cutest toys we can find in the entire toy range thus we end up buying way too many then we actually need. To be honest most of the babies have no interest in playing with soft toys and these toys find a place in a corner of our house as a piece of decoration. Babies like to play with the thing which we parents use in our day to day life like kitchen utensils, empty boxes, a piece of paper and many more.  For me spending money on something which my baby doesn’t like to play is not worth.


Still, if your baby likes to play with it you can buy few but having a collection of soft toys is not worth because as your baby grows his/her choice will also change. If you don’t buy at all that will also work because in any way you will end up getting it from your friends as a gift 🙂


I was very excited to try food feeder when I first came across it online. I purchased it immediately after watching a few videos but after using it a couple of times for my baby I  didn`t really like it. Juice from fruits spill all over the place and food particles get stuck in the mash makes it very hard to clean that mash no matter what you do. I find it very unhygienic because babies keep putting the mash here and there and again put it in the mouth. So overall I would suggest not to invest in Food Feeder as you can directly feed your baby which is much more convenient according to me.



This can be debatable because I know many parents use a walker and they are happy with it, even my mom used a walker for me. I was also planning to buy a walker for my daughter but when my paediatrician strictly said no, I didn’t buy it. My daughter started walking in 10 months and trust me I never felt the need for it.


Based on many studies it is not advisable to use walker for your babies because babies learn to walk in part by watching and understanding how their feet and legs move and walkers hinder their usual movement. Using walker not only discourage your child from learning to walk on his own but they can also be dangerous as babies don’t have much control on speed and they can fall from stairs or bump into furniture.

Our babies can learn to walk on their own thus I don’t find it worth to invest in something which is not helping in their development as well as not even safe.

If you want to use a walker just to keep your baby entertained you can opt for much safer options like Exersaucers or door jumpers or swings. If you want to encourage your child to walk you can use pull along toys and there are numerous ways which can help you to encourage your child to walk.

That’s all I wanted to share. Hope you guys find it useful and let me know your opinion about products in the comment section, I would love to know the different views on it. It will definitely help me and other parents.

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DISCLAIMER:-  This is not against any particular brand of product, picture used is just for the purpose of reference. Here I shared my opinion based on my personal experience and opinion may vary as per experience.