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Its been a while I haven’t posted, for which let me start by being sorry, but that’s how life at home is, sometimes you have to give priority to things you find more important at a given point in time.

Having said that, as I earlier told in my blog about my search for a good day cream with SPF, recently when I found this Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream With SPF 15, I thought to give it a try simply because I love Himalaya products. They are affordable yet very effective. Till now I have used a wide range of Himalaya products right from their face washes, body lotion, their winter cream, their hair care products and many more. To be honest I like their skincare products range more than their haircare products. Himalaya Youth Eternity Range is primarily focused on anti ageing problems, which made me buy this product.

The thing with Anti ageing products is if you start using them earlier then you need to work less hard when you grow older thus it is always advisable to start early “Prevention is better than cure” Isn’t it?

Himalaya Youth Eternity range has three products 

  • Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream
  • Himalaya Youth Eternity Night Cream
  • Himalaya Youth Eternity Eye Cream

I was looking for a day cream, therefore tried their day cream from the range. After using Himalaya Youth Eternity Cream for almost one and half month I am here to share my experience of using this cream.

So without further ado, let`s get into the review 🙂


Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream has anti ageing formulation based on plant stem cell research and exotic herbal actives. The key ingredients of this product are Edelweiss Derived Stem Cells and Cipadessa, Rose Myrtle and Woodfordia. Edelweiss has proven antioxidant, anti-ageing, and skin conditioning properties. Exotic herbs promote skin elasticity and hydration, improving the Skin Cell Matrix to fight signs of ageing.



  • Softens your skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks
  • 96% of consumers noticed a significant improvement in skin hydration*
  • Visible reduction in age spots and pigmentation in 4 weeks*
  • Improves Skin Cell Matrix** to fight signs of aging
  • Prevents daily damage caused by #PHOTOAGEING and provides deep moisture to skin
  • Reduces visible pores, evens skin tone, and enhances skin luminance

PACKAGING:- This product comes in three sizes 10ml, 20ml and 50ml. The 10ml product comes in a tube packaging whereas 20ml and 50ml product come in a sturdy white colour pump bottle with a transparent cap. The Direction of usage, manufacturing date and expiry date can be referred to on the bottle.


TEXTURE AND FRAGRANCE:- This Cream has a very smooth, velvety texture with medium consistency. It is baby pink in color with very mild, fresh and soothing fragrance.


PRICE:- INR 99/- For 10ml product

               INR 249/- For 20ml product

               INR 465/- For 50ml product

Product link below

Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream


I like the fact that it has SPF in it so when you are stepping out in the sun for a shorter duration you don’t need to apply extra sunscreen. l really like its packaging, very convenient to use. I love its smooth texture and fragrance, It is light weight with perfect consistency, easily absorbs in the skin and doesn’t leave any white cast on the skin. Considering the fact that I have the Dry sensitive skin I did not feel any irritation, but yes I did feel a little dryness after applying it, may be it is more suitable for oily to normal skin type. After Using it for a while I can say my skin is definitely getting smoother, It is effective in reducing fine lines and even out skin tone but I din`t find it very effective on pigments and dark spot.

Overall I can say if you are just starting your anti ageing routine, you can consider this cream. The best part is you can try their 10ml product to check whether it is appropriate or not.


  • Comes with SPF 15
  • Convenient packaging (travel-friendly)
  •  Even out skin tone
  • Reduce fine lines, makes your skin smoother
  • Good Formulation and Fragrance
  • Absorbs Quickly 
  • Doesn’t leave any white cast 
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Not suitable for extra dry skin
  • Not effective on dark spots and pigmentation
  • Bit Pricey

That’s All For the review. Hope you guys find it useful :). If you want a review on any other product of this range, let me know in the comment section down below. If you like what you read please Like share and subscribe.

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disclaimerDISCLAIMER:- This Review is based on my personal Experience. The result may vary according to skin type and condition.