Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great 🙂

Sometimes in our life we have to take some strong decisions. Decision that can change our life for good or bad. I too had to take one during my pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, feeling of having a life inside you is magnificent. Like every girl I also wanted to live that feeling. I was so ready to get pregnant and by the grace of God, I got pregnant in 2015. I was on top of the world ,enjoying every bit of my pregnancy journey.

My pregnancy was going very smooth, I didn’t feel any nausea ,heartburn, pain…nothing infact I felt like eating all the time thus gained a hell lot of weight :D. Like every parent we chose best gynaecologist and hospital for our baby`s delivery. We were doing everything and every test we were supposed to do. One test called Double marker test was done in my 12th week of pregnancy ,everything came out normal. we were very happy knowing the fact that our baby is growing  fine and healthy. This happiness lasted short when we went for our triple marker test(  which is not necessary if your double maker test report comes out normal) Report of triple marker test were supposed to come in a weeks time. When we went for our check up and asked for report, hospital management said , they forgot to bring report and we can collect it next week. Me and my husband both were very sure that everything is normal so we didn’t bother to chase for report.

I used to be very excited for my check-ups, sonography and always looked forward to hear heartbeat of  my baby. I am sure every mother felt the same way , that I used to feel. With the same excitement we went for sonography after a week(until now we have not received our test report and its already two weeks late) , my doctor seemed worried and asked us whether we check our triple marker report. When she told us ,that according to my report there is a high risk of abnormality in my baby ,I got blanked. Everything shattered.

She asked us to go for amniocentesis(process in which your amniotic fluid is taken out from uterus which is used to check the presence of abnormalities)  immediately so that they can confirm whether the baby had any abnormalities or not and if any abnormalities shows I had to go for abortion. Abortion !! Are you kidding me ,I was 6 month pregnant and my doctor was discussing abortion with me .Everything shattered in a moment ,I was blanked and crying uncontrollably. My husband got agreed for Amniocentesis but I didn’t agree because there are risk associated with this process ,if any pierce left after they takes out fluid your baby can die. I was in complete dilemma ,what should I do. 

N number of Questions were coming in my mind ,what if my baby has abnormality? What if I keep my baby, will I be able give her good life?

There was a possibility she doesn’t have anything but I was afraid for going through that process because of fear of  result. I  dint want to see any result because in my mind I was like I will keep my baby no matter what. But it was a big decision, we couldn’t take second opinion because we can not do triple marker test after certain weeks. For me it was totally hospital`s responsibility to give us report on time and they dint do that.

My home was filled with silence . Me and my husband both were searching on google like crazy ,after a day we decided to go to our native and  checked with other doctors. Every doctor told the same thing. I was tired ,exhausted because I was crying day and night thinking of my baby. Finally me and my husband sat and decided to keep continue with pregnancy ,without going for Amniocentesis test. We left everything on God and keeping faith on him , we moved on. When we came back from native, we changed our doctor and we were sure on our decision and we moved with that. But the rest 3 month of my pregnancy was in stress, hoping and praying everyday for my  baby to be healthy. 

Finally the day came ,when I delivered a very healthy ,perfectly normal beautiful baby girl. It was such a relief knowing she is completely normal and healthy .Tears rolled down when I saw her for the first time spreading her arms and trying to discover the world around her. It was Magical moment.


The decision we made ,changed my life and myself for the better , as I become much more positive ,happier and stronger person. Motherly instinct is the best gift god gave us . So its my advice to all beautiful mothers here ,always trust your instinct first, believe in god and choose your hospital wisely. Don’t go for any show off , best doctor is the one who can support you emotionally not the one who has all the latest facilities but works for money. I believe women are very strong and can fight with the world for her family and baby. 

Thanks for reading