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This blog is a continuation of my last one Firstcry Intellikit First Impression . I exhibited everything that came in this kit but I did not reveal any activity in detail thus in this blog I will discuss with you guys all the Activities which came in this month`s Intellikit.

My daughter trying to make farmhouse

So without further ado, let`s get started 🙂

There are total 9 activities  in this kit and every activity has a detail instruction book which will help us to perform any particular activity


We need to make a farmhouse with our kids in this activity. This Activity came with fences, Barn, Farm Boy & Farm Girl and Cut-outs: Sheep, Horse, Cow, Hen, Pig. We just need our child to assemble everything and Ask our child to use his/her imagination and place each animal inside the fence of the farm. Explain to them about the utility of farm animals and so on.


Learning Outcomes

  • It will help with fine motor skills
  • They will be able to create the farm in defined space.
  • They will learn the names of the animals and things used in farm
  • They will explore the concept of farm animals
  • It will help to increase their imagination.
  • Engages in constructive play
  • They will be able to identify the farm animals and their characteristics like sound, size, movement and colour once you explain each of it during play.


This Activity includes identifying and naming of the same farm animals which we use in our first activity. It came with Animal name Cards, Farm Entry Gate, Base cut-outs And Velcro strip.

Children have to identify animal pictures on the name card and we parents have to write name of the animals on the card. Allow your child to place the name card along with each animal on the farm.


Learning outcomes

  • It will help them to identify animals
  • Their vocabulary will improve
  • They will be able to associate and match animals on the tags to the farm animals inside the farm.


This Activity is to introduce your child to various farm animal`s movement and the sound they make. This Activity came with Flash Cards having Animal image, Sound and Action (on the front) and Animal footprints (on the back)

Children have to identify the animals on the card and we have to introduce action and sound associated with the animal along with the footprint at the back of the card. Show the animals footprints and ask your child to guess the animal.


Learning Outcomes 

  • Children will be able to perform animal movements
  • They will enjoy imitating animal sounds and movements
  • It will help to improve their vocabulary


This is a simple puzzle activity. This Activity came with Rabbit, Cow, Donkey And pig puzzle- Ears, Eyes and Mouth. The Child has to assemble the ears, eyes and mouth of each animal and once they do that let your child guess the animals thus formed. Give your child the liberty to mix and match the puzzle pieces to create imaginary animals.


Learning Outcomes

  • Children will be able to assemble parts of animals in correct order.
  • They will learn about sorting through this game
  • Their fine motor skills will improve.
  • It will help to improve logical thinking
  • They will start identifying eyes, ears and mouth of different animals


This is “bell the animal” activity which came with Animal Unit, bells, Lace and thread. Children have to assign each bell to different animals and then with the help of us, they will tie bells around the neck of each animal. You can make a personalised wind-chime by this animal unit and hang by your child`s window.


Learning Outcomes 

  • This musical play will develop auditory skills of our child
  • Children will be able to weave the lace and bells
  • They will be able to discriminate between the bell sounds
  • This activity will help them to create ding dong bell hanging skill.


This is Board game which came with Game Board, Dice, Footprint Pawns – hen & duck, Stand Sticks. If you ever played snake and ladder or ludo you will understand what this game is all about. It is a much simpler version of that games having to count up to 3. Dice has happy and sad face too when ever that face appears we do not have to move our pawn ahead on the board.


Learning Outcomes

  • This game develops our child`s Numerical and counting skills
  • Children will learn to roll the dice
  • They will learn to relate happy and sad emotions
  • They will learn to identify numbers, Counts and move number of steps accordingly
  • This game will help in enriching vocabulary related to the birds through the game


This Activity is building a scarecrow for farm house. It came with Popsicle Sticks, Cloth, String- Thick and thin, A pair of craft eyes, Scarecrow face, Glue. We need to help our kid to make a scarecrow with the help of the instructions given in instruction book.


Learning Outcomes

  • This activity will help our child to explore his/her creativity
  • It is an imaginative play thus it will help to improve imagination power of a child
  • It will also help to improve fine motor skills


This is a cooking activity. I liked this activity the most because I know my daughter will enjoy it to the fullest. This activity came with Chef`s cap and a serving bowl. we need to make small eggs with the help of boiled potato, carrots, salted sev, cheese, corriander leaves, salt and chat masala. I guess this would be a great activity for those children who do not show any interest in eating. May be they will try this recipe because they made it by themselves.


Learning Outcomes

  • This activity is a sensorial play to enhance aesthetic sense and sense of taste and smell
  • Children would peel, mash, roll, mix and pluck thus it will improve their fine motor skills
  • They will be able to discriminate different colours, textures and tastes
  • They will learn to take responsibility by cleaning up after the activity
  • They will learn and understand serving etiquette
  • They will learn th name of the ingredients and tools.


We all love worksheets for our kids, don`t we? We get 10 worksheets to work on with our kids and I think it is more than sufficient for a month. Worksheets include colouring, pre-writing skills, pasting pictures and so on. I appreciate the purpose of including worksheet in their kit apart from all those 8 activities.



I really like the entire concept of this subscription activity kit. I find it useful to keep our babies engaged and make them learn new skills every day. This kit is value for money at least for me because my daughter likes to do these kinds of activities. I appreciate how they included small little thing for each activity. Although I find some activity quite easy as most of kids at this age know the name of pet animals and sounds they make. However, some activities are very good like ding dong bell, cooking activity and grain hunt. Worksheets provided is perfect for this age group and I really liked the worksheets. Overall I am happy with this kit and very excited to play it with my daughter. I will share my experience on my Facebook page with you guys.

My sole purpose to make this blog is to show the type of activities that comes in this kit so that you guys can decide whether or not its appropriate for your child. Generally, we do fascinates by this kind of subscription boxes but its always good to know what you are going to get before investing money on anything like this.

I hope you find this blog helpful. Thanks for reading 🙂

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