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I believe many parents would agree with me that we need N numbers of activities for our toddlers to keep them entertained and engaged. In my last parenting blog HERE  I discussed few activities to play with toddlers but coming up with new activities every time is not that easy that is why when I saw this Intellikit on firstcry App, without any second thought i ordered it. It looked like something that would be fun for my daughter.


I got my box 2 days back and I am very excited to share its First Impression with you guys. This is how parenting is We parents get more excited than our kids for every new thing we bring for them, isn’t it?

So without further ado, let`s get started


As per the company, The Intellikit is an age-appropriate expert design learning program inspired by the Montessori philosophy to ensure your child develops the right skills at the right age, all by having fun.

Intellikit comes with Different age appropriate Activities that are designed by keeping in mind all the essential developments like social & Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive development and language development required for a particular age group.


As we know children learn through Playing thus this kit gives us parents an opportunity to enhance the learning and development of our child along with the necessary play time to keep them entertained. The best part of having this kit is we do not need to search  for different learning activities every day to play with our kids. What else a parent needs in these busy life.

NOTE:- Each month Intelikit has a different theme. The one which I got is FARM BUDDIES and it`s for 2-3 yr age group children.


When I received this kit, its packaging exceeded my expectation. Packaging is very sturdy, colourful, Full of Pictures and eye-catching. I really love how the kit looks like. Till now I haven’t introduced it to my daughter but I am sure she would be equally Excited as I was.


Price Details, Manufacturing details and Content of box is mentioned on one of the sides of the box.  When you open the box the first thing you will find is the activity details.


PRICE :- INR 1499/- (MRP)

                INR 824/- ( After discount)

PRODUCT LINK – First Cry Intellikit


STICKERS – The first thing which we got is golden colour sparkled star-shaped stickers. Generally, we use start shape to encourage and appreciate our kids and I think these stickers will be used for the similar purpose.


STORYBOOK – Next thing which we got is a storybook named BREMEN TOWN MUSICIAN. I really like this book from the first impression because of the pictures used in it. They are very big, colourful and clear, which I guess is a must for a toddler because at this age children generally fascinates by pictures more than wordings.

MY LEARNING CALENDAR – The next thing which we got is a learning calendar. The various small month-long activities are given in this calendar. So apart from the major 8 activities, We got some amazing small activity ideas to play with our kids. Which is great to keep our children entertained for a month long.


We have to use given stickers on this calendar by giving star every time our child completes any activity. I really like the idea and bonus activities. I am happy considering  I have a month-long activities already planned to play with my daughter.

HAPPY TRACKER – Next we got a happy tracker sheet. It is to track our little ones progress. We have to notice the skills our child acquires as he/she completes the activities in the bubble and tick them as we go along. for example  – ” Able to sort and match objects and pictures “.


This tracker is what I like the most because it will help me to be on track about my child`s learning and progress. We parents do need some motivation from time to time to keep up the progress of our child.

NINE ACTIVITIES – Lastly we got major 9 different activities. Each individual activity came in separate bag labelled with activity number which is great for a organised play time. We can introduce only one activity at one time to avoid our child from getting distracted. All Activities comes with Detail instruction which makes it easy to work with.

This is all I got in this months Intellikit.

To make it less lengthy I am not including details of individual activity in this blog but it will be a part of my next blog. Do stay connected 😀


I really liked this idea of having a kit full of activities for our little one though it is not a new idea i appreciate how every small detail is taken care of. I loved its packaging and all the complimentary items they included in this kit. In this price, we get month long learning activities which I find a worth trying .

I am very excited to play each activity with my daughter and share with you guys about my experience. Hope you guys find it useful. Thanks for reading 🙂

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