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Today I want to share something which I learned from my experience.

One fine day looking at my sweet little daughter while she was sleeping, I felt guilty of not giving her enough time she deserves. Every day was the same, I woke up and got cupped up with household work. Taking her along with me while I do my work, thinking that I am giving her enough time, but I was wrong. This is not she wanted, she wants me to play with her, teach her and listen to her. After realizing my mistake, I started taking out time to play with her and found a huge difference in her personality, she is now more satisfied, calm and happier. Usually, we parents, get so busy in our life or work for the obvious reasons, that we start neglecting the fact that we have to give quality time to our kids rather than compensating this negligence by buying them new toys, give them tablets, cell phone and other things to keep them engaged. kids just need our attention and time.

From my experience, I can say, “The most important part of Parenting is to Play with Kids”.

By playing, you actually contribute in their upbringing. You teach them how to behave, how to talk, how we do things. You teach them manners, sharing and many more important lessons in life. Being a mother, I can totally understand how difficult it is, to take time out from our busy schedule. We have to do so many things like feeding our child, dropping them to school, taking care of every member of the family. It gets very difficult to play with them. But always remember this word by C.S Lewis

Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work”

On this note, I would like to share some tips which can help you to play with your kids


Make a daily schedule, plan your day a night before according to your child`s routine. Complete most of your work while they are sleeping or they go to school. Set their schedule too, Scheduling can actually make them calm because they know what they are supposed to do at that time. Plan for free play time and learning play time separately.


Set aside minimum 1 hr to just play with your kid, ask your husband or other family members to do the same. Avoid mobile phones, tv or any other activity while playing with them. Involve totally into their games, pretend and play, teach them, ask them questions. You will see a beautiful smile on their face and you will also get to know many new things about your child.


While playing ask number of questions. Listen to them, their stories. Discover their area of interest, it will help you to mold their interest into skill. Encourage them to take challenges, to be adventurous. Whenever they try to attempt a different thing, give them remarks and rewards. It will help them to learn more.


Let them enjoy their childhood, let them be adventurous (it’s okay to have some bruise occasionally), let them play freely. Physical activities are also very important for them to grow healthy. Don’t stop them every time they run fast or they jump or they act naughty. Let them explore their capabilities. Don’t do this, don’t go there, stop right now, don’t play with this…Try to use these sentences as less as possible. Of course, your kid`s safety should be your priority. I am not saying to allow your kid to climb on a balcony but at least don’t stop them from scribbling on the wall, playing with flours and so on. let them enjoy their creativity, their childhood. Let them live the moment and you be a part of it whenever possible.


Decide games or activities a day before, so that you know what to play with your kids and what you want to let them learn. Choose activities according to their interest, not yours. Try to include different activities on different days so that they don’t get bored. If your baby is going to play school you can revise their activities.


Most importantly play with them like a kid, not an adult. Give 100% involvement in whatever activity you are playing. I know sometimes it gets bored to play with kids but does it for your child. It will help to make a strong connection and friendship between you and your child. Trust me it will help you in the long run because your baby will start considering you as his/her friend with whom they can share their problems and secrets. Live your childhood once again with your child. It will make both of you happy. Ask your partner to join you and enjoy a family day and show your baby how beautiful life is.

Always listen to your child and try to find a solution instead of shouting or saying NO directly. Only you can make them understand what is right or wrong. School teachers, maids, and other family members can help in their upbringing but your efforts and methods will never be matched. So, whether you are a homemaker or working mother it’s important for you to make a strong bond from the very beginning of your child`s life.

If not for all the pros, do this to make stories you can tell your child when they grow young…

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Disclaimer: – I am not an expert, it was my personal point of view. I just shared what I have experienced.