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In my previous blogs I shared some useful DIYS for skincare but if you are not a DIY person or wants to use some good skin care products instead, this blog might be for you so keep on reading 🙂

We all know how essential skin care is, It helps to keep our skin healthy and healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. There is no doubt that dietary habits play the most important part in keeping your skin healthy and glowing, but along with it, we also need some good skin care products.

I have Dry and Sensitive skin, choosing products for my skin is a task because I easily get rashes and I also don’t like to spend a huge amount of money for the same thus I always try to find something in my budget.

In today`s blog, I will share some well affordable skincare essentials which I absolutely love. So what are we waiting for !! let’s get started …



I am totally in love with this face wash, As I told earlier I have dry skin thus I prefer to use cream based products. It makes my skin clean, soft, nourished and healthy looking. It is free from artificial fragrance,, and preservative which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Main ingredients it contains are Avocado, Hydrolysed Soy Protein, and Aloe Vera, All these ingredients are extremely beneficial for our skin nourishment and health.

TEXTURE AND FRAGRANCE:- It is white in color with medium creamy consistency, Very mild natural fragrance nothing too fancy.

PRICE:- RS 275/- for the 80gm product.

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Being a mother of a toddler, I don’t get much time to prepare a rose water toner at home thus I prefer buying one. I am using VLCC Rosewater toner since last six month and I can say its amazing. It is a natural toner which helps to maintain the pH level of skin, fight acne and hydrates the skin. Trust me it feels very refreshing after using it, it has some cooling sensation which I love. It also helped me to prevent acne. After using it for six months I can say its a worth buying product. It is suitable for all skin type thus suggest you try this toner once.

TEXTURE AND FRAGRANCE:- It is light pink in color and has the watery consistency. It smells like the pure rose. I don’t like its fragrance though, I would prefer it to be a little mild.

PRICE:- RS 150/- for a 100ml product

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Like the face, our body needs sun protection too, so it is very important to use a good sunscreen lotion for the body as well. I really like Nivea`s range of body lotions, I swear by them. For myself, I use Nivea sun protect & moisture. It is SPF 30, PA+++ with UVA-UVB protection and the best thing is, it is water resistant. I love this moisturizer because it is very long lasting, easy to apply, non-sticky and it absorbs in skin very well. I truly recommend this product to everyone and it is suitable for all skin type.

NOTE:– It also comes in SPF 50 variant.

TEXTURE AND FRAGRANCE:– It is white in color with medium creamy consistency. It has very mild fragrance just like a simple body lotion.

PRICE:-   RS 250 for 75ml product
                 RS 385 for a 125ml product.

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It is the most popular lip balm I guess. I absolutely love this one. After trying many other lip balms, I can say it is one of the best lip balm available in the market. It contains vitamin E and coconut oil which helps to prevent dryness. It also has SPF20, which is great because your lips need sun protection too. Company claims, it lasts for 12 hr but I don’t find it true, for me it lasts for about 4-5 hr then I need to reapply. It gives a beautiful pink tint which is great for those who doesn’t want to use lipstick daily.

It comes in four shades

  • Pink Lolita
  • Berry Crush
  • Anti Oxidant Berry
  • Cherry kiss

My Personal favourite is Berry crush 🙂

PACKAGING, TEXTURE, AND FRAGRANCE:- It comes in a handy retractable stick, which is easy to use. It is little sticky and shiny in texture and has mild fruity fragrance.

PRICE:- RS 150/- for 4g of product

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You guys might be thinking, why I included Boroline in this list. It is an antiseptic cream and for me, my skin care cannot complete without it. If any time I experience extremely chapped lips, cracked heels or dry skin patches, this cream comes in handy. I always keep one in my handbag. I am using this cream since last 5 years and I must say, you should have this in your skin care.

TEXTURE AND FRAGRANCE:– It is very sticky, greasy and thick in consistency. It has a very strong fragrance which some people don’t like. But it works amazingly for extremely chapped lips or cracked heel or very dry skin.

PRICE:- RS 65/- for 40gm of product

This all were the products I wanted to show. I am still in search of a good moisturiser for face with SPF in it .If you guys have any suggestion let me know in comment section down below.

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disclaimerDISCLAIMER :- The links provided are not sponsored but only for ease of reference. The product shown are based on my personal experience and liking , result may vary according to skin type. Please take a patch test first.