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The Festive season is right around the corner and its time to pamper our self :D. By pampering, we not only take care of our skin, hair and body but also it gives us a sense of satisfaction and happiness that we took out some time for our self. Festivals bring a new joy and happiness in our life and I am sure everyone wants to look their best in this season. Nothing can change your look more then your hair thus a good hair care regime is as important as skin care regime.


keeping this in mind today I want to share hair care routine which I follow. To be honest my hair is not that healthy and definitely not an ideal to which anyone can look upon and on top of that being a mother of a toddler I don’t even get that much time to spend hours in salon to improve its quality and texture thus I try to follow a simple hair care routine which to an extent helps me keeping them healthy.

So without further ado, let`s get started 🙂


Benefits of hair oiling are known to everyone. Hair oiling Regulates blood circulation hence enhance the growth. It also helps to control frizziness and dryness making them nourished, shiny and healthy. Thus it is advisable to apply hair oil at least two hours before hair wash or you can keep it overnight but you should not keep your oiled hair more than that because then it will accumulate dirt and dust which can be more damaging.

You can use any hair oil which you find working for your hair like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or any marketed hair oil like kesh king, Vatika etc. It totally depends on your hair type and hair problems.


WHAT I USE:- Personally I use my DIY hair oil because it works for my hair perfectly. It helped me to control hair fall, dandruff and also enhanced my hair growth. If you are interested in DIY Hair oil you can check it here DIY HAIR OIL


To remove all the accumulated dirt and oil, cleansing your hair is an important part along with the right technique of washing it. You can use any shampoo, hair soap or natural ingredients like Shikakai for cleansing, It completely depends on your hair type and preference. Mostly we all use shampoo these days thus choosing a right shampoo for your hair is equally important. If you have dry hair like me, choose milk or coconut based shampoo which can give nourishment to your dry hair. Try to use more natural, paraben and sulphate free shampoo.


WHAT I USE :- Currently I am using LEVER AYUSH ANTI DANDRUFF NEEM SHAMPOO because of my dandruff problem. What I like most about this shampoo is, it doesn’t leave my hair dry. It lathers good and cleanse my hair really well and also helps in controlling frizz, but It didn`t help me with my dandruff. Thus if you want to use this shampoo only to treat dandruff issue then it might not be a perfect shampoo but yes it definitely makes your hair smoother and manageable.

PRICE:- INR 135/- for a 175ml product

Product link down below



Conditioning is an important part of hair care routine irrespective of your hair type. Conditioning provides a coating to your hair strands which keep the cell bound together and results in smoother, shinier hair less likely to tangle and frizz. No matter what, you should not skip conditioning. If you never used conditioner try once you will see a huge difference in your hair.

Always try to choose conditioner of the same brand as of your shampoo if it is available, because it will work much better due to the same formulation. If you don’t find conditioner of the same brand you can use hair cream or hair masks instead.

HOW TO USE:- You just need to apply sufficient amount of conditioner on ends of your hair, avoid using it on your scalp. Leave it for good 5 mins and rinse it off with lukewarm water.


WHAT I USE :-I use HIMALAYA PROTEIN HAIR CREAM for conditioning part of my hair care routine. Trust me  this product is awesome, it just makes my hair smooth, soft and frizz free. I love Himalaya products and in their entire hair care range, I love it the most. It contains chickpea and Amla which is extremely beneficial for your hair nourishment. You can also use this cream before shampoo as a hair mask.

PRICE:- INR 75/- For 100ml product

Product link below



Generally, we tend to skip hair serum in our hair care regime and I also didn’t believe in its importance until I tried it. Hair serums coats the surface of your hair and protect it from harmful UV rays, dust and pollution. It also prevents your hair from getting tangled and it gives a smooth, glossy, shiny hair thus investing in proper hair serum is definitely a good idea +to take care of your hair in long run.

HOW TO USE:- Take 5-6 drops of hair serum, rub it in your palm and apply to your hair. you don’t need to apply on your scalp.


WHAT I USE:- I personally use OGX  ARGAN OIL OF MOROCCO. I Bought it 5 months back from UK and I absolutely love it. It is very light and easy to use. It detangles my hair making it less brittle, it gives a perfect shine which reflects when we step out in sun. Only Few drops are enough at a time and thus a small bottle can last very long.

PRICE :- INR 725/- for 118ml of product

Product link below



If you are having any particular hair problem or if you have very dry, rough and frizzy hair then you should definitely consider applying hair mask at least once a week. You will see a visible difference in your hair.  Hair mask helps to restore, hydrate, nourish and moisturize your hair. It acts as a nourishment treatment.Different hair mask can be use for different hair problem thus you can go with any hair mask depends on your hair type and hair problem.

WHAT I USE :- I prefer to use DIY hair masks rather than marketed one. I have few DIY hair mask recipes which I use for my hair. If you want to know about it let me know in comment below, I will be happy to share it with you guys.

So this festive season makes sure to spend some time to pamper yourself and your hair. try this routine and you will definitely see difference in your hair. I hope you find this blog helpful. Pls like, comment and share if you like what you read.

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DISCLAIMER:- The links provided are not sponsored but only for ease of reference. The product shown is based on my personal experience and liking, The result may vary according to hair type.