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Its been a long I haven’t posted any parenting blog thus I thought to share my views on Things you should buy for your toddlers.

We parents keep buying toys for our kids sometimes to make them happy, sometimes to make our-self happy :D. As a result, we end up having a mini toy shop at home😄 But are all these toys really worth buying? I guess no, some of them do not even last for a day.

Trust me, I am on the same page when it comes to buying anything for my daughter. I always try to get everything for her which is wrong I admit. But in this process, I came across Some really useful things or toys which is definitely a must buy for a toddler.

Having Said that, a Few days back I have posted the same question on my Facebook page Life At Home seeking for suggestions and I got quite a few good ones. Taking them into consideration here are “5 must buy for toddlers”

So without further ado, let’s get started 😊


Without a doubt, blocks would make it to the 1st place. Every Parent would agree with me that blocks are an amazing toys of our kids and kids love playing with it. Kids get so involved in playing with blocks that you will surely get some time to complete your chores.

Benefits of playing with blocks

  • It enhances their creativity.
  • Give them an opportunity to use their imagination and make wonderful structures from them.
  • Moreover, playing with blocks helps children in their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

So if you haven’t invested in any good quality blocks you should definitely consider it.   You will be happy to see that cute smile every time they make something unique and get appreciation from you 🙂

SUGGESTION:- Buy Blocks according to the age of your child. For smaller children use big blocks and For toddlers, You can go for Alphabets or numbers one.


I find Play dough an amazing way to make children learn new things. Children can learn numbers, Alphabets, Structures, Animal`s name and many more. Those colourful dough are very age appropriate and has enormous benefits in the development of a child be it a learning development or sensory development.


Benefits of playing with play dough

  • Play dough can keep your child busy for long hours using their imagination.
  • While they are busy having fun making structures using the dough, their hand muscles gets stronger.
  • You will be amazed to know that playing with play dough develop the strength, dexterity, and control needed for everyday items such as scissors, pencils and buttons.

SUGGESTION:- I know play dough is a bit messy but allow your child to play freely and invest in a good quality one. If possible go for organic play dough or handmade.


” A Child Who Reads will be an adult who think “ With this saying we can discern the importance of reading in early childhood. Your child can not get any better friends than books. Thus I would highly emphasise on purchasing books for kids and read them daily.


Benefits of reading books to kids

  • Reading books to kids helps them to understand language and relate things.
  • They come to know many real aspects of life and how things work around us.
  • This habit can increase their vocabulary, their capability of thinking and knowledge.
  • There are enormous benefits of reading books to kids, Its hard to summarise in one post.

I do not like to read books because I do not have this habit of reading which somewhere I always feel is needed Thus I try my best to read as much I can to my daughter so that she develops this habit of reading. Remember Inculcating habits in early childhood always benefits your child in later stages of life.

If you live in India I would recommend to check out this Facebook page Booky Wooky. You will get an amazing collection of all types of books for kids.

SUGGESTION:- Do not just buy and expect your child to read books on their own. You have to spend time and read books to them daily. Books with Big picture and fewer words are recommended for toddlers.


Instead of scooters, Remote control cars and all other expensive rides on, I would suggest going for Cycles. There is a special connection between kids and cycles that can never be broken. Riding a bike means a freedom, adventure and fun activity to every kid that is why they enjoy it to the most  Moreover, cycling is a healthy pastime that kids will never outgrow.


Benefits of cycling include

  • It helps a child to learn to balance
  • Developing strength
  • Great for hand, eye and foot coordination.
  • Developing a sense of control
  • Strengthening the heart, lungs, and lower-body muscles
  •  Helps in making lower body bones strong.

Consider all these benefits and buy a cycle for your child. You will be happy to see your child riding with confidence.


Last but not the least is colouring sets or painting sets.  It is a must buy for toddlers despite being messy. Children love colouring and painting, just we need to give them the liberty to do so. I know it is a messy practice, your child will end up colouring themselves 😀 but that is okay as long as it is beneficial for our child`s development. I believe most of us already know the benefits of colouring and are using it for kids thus I am keeping it short.


Benefits of colouring 

  • Scribbling and holding crayons or painting brush is an important early skill for writing and literacy development.
  • Children will explore colours to create an artwork.
  • They will use their imagination which is beneficial for their development.
  • They will learn to be more focused
  • They will learn about colours and their combinations.

These were the ” MUST BUYS FOR TODDLERS “ According to me. I hope you find it helpful. IF you do please do not forget to like, share and subscribe. It means a lot to me.

Also, do share your “must buys” for kids, we would love to read your opinion. Thanks for reading and Have a great day