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How are you all doing? I have been on and off in blogging since last 15 days, I am so sorry for not uploading regular post all because I am very much Occupied with my daughter`s Birthday preparation. You know, How much time it takes for every bit of arrangements :). 


Anyways, I wanted to share with you guys that I have done keratin treatment 45 days back and Since then I was waiting for the right time to share my experience with you all. Actually, I wanted to check How my hair behaves after a month of treatment and is there any side effect.

Thus After Waiting for more than a month, I am here to share all you need to know about keratin treatment.

So without further ado, Let`s get started 🙂


Keratin is a protein which is naturally present in our hair but due to external factors like the sun, pollution, lifestyle it starts getting depleted results in dull looking, frizzy hair. To get that shine and health back, hair stylists suggest keratin treatment which is often called Protein treatment.

In keratin treatment they inject essential hair protein called keratin into our hair follicles, making our hair smooth and frizz free. It is claimed after a treatment we will get a manageable, healthy looking , frizz-free and shiny hair. 

Basically, Keratin Treatment is rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost keratin.


There are many other chemical treatments like smoothening, straightening, Aqua available in the market then why we should opt for keratin treatment? What makes it different?

Straightening will give you completely straight look whereas in keratin you won`t get that perfect straight hair. Chemicals used in straightening and smoothening are much stronger then keratin. Keratin treatment is considered to be less damaging to our hair as compared to other ones as it fills in the porous part of our hair by protein. Side effect after the treatment is also considerably less. 

Post Treatment care is also less in keratin as compared to other treatment where you have to go for regular hair spa and use the products only suggested by your hair stylist.

It looks horrible once you start getting your natural hair growth after straightening whereas in keratin you won`t see a major difference except frizz will be back.


The Complete process of keratin Treatment Takes about 3-4 hrs. If you are planning for it, choose a day when you are free. The Treatment consists of following steps

  • Treatments start with 2-3 hair wash, each 5-10 mins apart.
  • Blow dry 
  • Application of keratin solution 
  • It is left to set for about 30 mins
  • Again blow dry followed by flat ironing to seal the solution 
  • you will be asked to come after 24 hrs for hair wash.
  • On the 2nd day, The procedure starts with Flat Ironing followed by hair wash.
  • After a wash, you will get a blow dry and haircut if you want 
  • All done :). Voila! Healthy, shiny smooth hair


After Treatment Before Wash

Trust me, You will love to see a visible change in your hair 🙂



There is no specific post-treatment care except you will be asked to use the sulphate-free keratin shampoo and conditioner.  Mostly your hair stylist will ask you to purchase the same brand which they have used for your treatment.


Cost of keratin treatment vary from salon to salon, depends on your hair length, hair volume, products they use, expertise and obviously brand name.

Mostly it ranges between INR 4k to INR 8k


Q1 – Does it have any side effect?

Ans – It depends on How your treatment is done. Keratin Solution is not supposed to be applied on roots else you will notice hair fall.

Q2– What If we do not use the Recommended shampoo and conditioner?

Ans– It is not mandatory to use the Recommended shampoo and conditioner.All you need is good Sulphate-free Keratin shampoo and conditioner. It will be good if you use the recommended one for long lasting effect.

Q3– Does it straightens your hair ?

Ans– Mostly no, unless you have naturally straight hair texture. Do not expect your curls to  straighten out by this treatment

Q4– How long The keratin treatment last?

Ans – It lasts for around 4 -6 month. Depends on how you take post-treatment care.

Q5– Is It worth the money?

Ans– I guess yes but only if you have extremely Dry, Damaged and frizzy hair.

Q6 – Which product used for me?

Ans – Global keratin 


From my experience, I would say my hair texture is definitely improved. After the treatment, I feel my hair are much healthier, Shiny and less frizzy. But to be honest at first, I was not eminently satisfied because I was expecting my curls to straighten out more. 

Final Result

I was told that after keratin treatment I will see less breakage, But there is no change in it. Considering my experience I can definitely say how your treatment will turn out totally depends on the person Doing it and how much expertise he has thus choose your hair stylist wisely.

Overall I would say do not expect your curls to straighten out by this treatment If you really wanna try it just go with the expectation of smoother and less frizzy hair. Yes, It is worth the money If you tried everything to improve your hair texture and nothing worked. Its been 1.5 months, I did not see any significant side effect yet.

That is all I wanted to share guys. I tried to cover as much as I can. If You have any question please comment down below I would be happy to answer it.

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Sana 🙂